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2015 News
7/4: Congratulations to Yue and Will, who have both been selected for Huck Dissertation Research Awards!
5/10: Welcome to our summer undergraduate researchers, Igor, James, Jesse, Liam, and Jaime!
4/28: Our paper with the Richard group on imaging lignification in Brachypodium distachyon varieties with different flowering times is online in the Journal of Experimental Botany!
4/17: Our paper with the Chen and Richard groups on a click-compatible monolignol analog is online in PLoS One!
3/16: Charlie has been selected as a 2015 Tombros Fellow of the Penn State Center for Excellence in Science Education! He will be developing a new, innovative course based on our lab's Fast Farming project as part of this fellowship.
2/2: Our paper with the Dixit group on the trafficking of cell wall components by the FRA1 kinesin is online in Plant Physiology!
2014 News
12/8: Check out a short Big Ten Network news video that describes our Fast Farming project, which aims to identify genes that will help farmers grow more food under challenging climate conditions.
11/18: Our paper with the Zhu and Richard groups on a clickable monolignol analog that allows for studies of lignin polymerization is online in Bioconjugate Chemistry!
10/30: Our methods chapter on activation tag screening in Arabidopsis is online in Methods in Molecular Biology: Plant Cell Expansion!
9/26: Our paper with the Haigler and Yingling groups on cellulose synthase structure and function is online in the Journal of Experimental Botany!
9/17: Our paper with the Hancock group on quantitative analysis of photobleaching data for large protein complexes is online in Molecular Biology of the Cell!
8/26: Welcome to our Fall 2014 undergraduate researchers, Liam, Jaime, Sam, Igor, and Devon!
8/10: Our Fast Farming crowdfunding campaign for research to support sustainable agriculture was a success! Thanks to donations from many generous individuals, we will be able to search for genes that confer drought and heat tolerance in plants.
7/1: Nikki Kapp has successfully defended her Masters thesis on lignification in Brachypodium distachyon - congratulations Nikki!
6/18: The Center for Lignocellulose Structure and Formation is renewed for an additional four years - we are looking forward to collaborating on more great science!
6/1: Welcome to our Summer 2014 undergraduate researchers, Igor and Sam!
3/28: Our paper on PGX1, a polygalacturonase that functions in plant cell expansion, is online in Plant Cell!
3/26: Our paper with the dePamphilis group on phylogenetic analysis of pectin-related genes is online in BMC Plant Biology!
3/10: Will Barnes, a Plant Biology PhD student, has joined our lab. Welcome Will!
1/15: Welcome to our Spring 2014 undergraduate researchers, Devon, Dustin, Samantha, Liam, and Jaime!

About the Lab
Our lab studies plant cell wall dynamics. Plant cell walls contain networks of carbohydrates and proteins that interact with each other and change in composition and organization during cell growth. We seek to measure changes in cell wall architecture during growth, to understand how interactions between cell wall components influence cell wall structure and remodeling, and to identify and characterize new genes that influence cell wall dynamics. This research will inform efforts to use plant cell walls, which are an abundant and renewable resource, to provide sustainable food, materials, and energy.

We are affiliated with the Department of Biology, the Plant Biology Interdepartmental Graduate Program, and the Molecular, Cellular, and Integrative Biosciences Interdepartmental Graduate Program at Penn State University. Our research is generously supported by the Penn State Department of Biology, the Penn State Institutes of Energy and the Environment, and the Center for Lignocellulose Structure and Formation.


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