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Born on June 29, my then unsuspecting parents were in for a surprize. They thought they'd had a sweet little girl - turned out I was a tom-boy of the most extreme sort. (I believe I was in high school before my mother managed to get me into a dress without a fight.) I would spend hours playing with my Tonka trucks, but had to be coaxed into playing with dolls.

On top of the tom-boy thing, I was also hyperactive and extremely imaginative...sorry Mom. (Four kids and she still claims 3/4 of her grey hair was caused by me.) Not just drawing on walls and furniture sort of creative imagination (though I did that also), I was the kid who thought of all the dangerous games and stunts that got us in trouble or sent one of us to the hospital. they would call a kid like me "an extreme sport enthusiast", or prime Ridalin candidate.

I tend to be cheerful, active and enthusiastic, and I love nature - plants, bugs, animals, pretty much everything - except spiders. I spend quite a lot of my time repairing my 90+ year old house. I love playing games; card games, board games, dice games, roll-playing games, video games - anything but head games!

If you would like to get to know more about me;

Love & Hate
I believe you can learn a lot about a person by finding out what they truely enjoy and dislike. This page lists the many things I enjoy and the few things that "really get my dander up."

My Family
To me, family is more than just those people with whom you share genetic information. Family includes those people who you share your love and life with.

My Pets -
Photos and stories about my little zoo.

Travel & Hobbies - coming soon
Photos, video and stories of my travels and hobbies.



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