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How long would it take to travel 80 miles going 80mph?

This question seems like an easy enough question to answer, but this video demonstrates how sometimes we can get off track and "out think" ourselves. I find revealing the thought process behind the problem solving interesting. It really highlights constructivist theory, where we build upon prior knowledge. In this case it is how long it takes to run a mile. To me it also highlights the importance of exposing the problem solving process, not just the answer. What if she "guestimated" 60 minutes instead of 58? 

I'm interested the hear how future math educators would approach "teaching" a person like this the concepts behind the question. How could you identify and address the misconceptions in prior knowledge? Can you design interactions which expose student thought processes in your lesson material?

I generally don't enjoy laughing at someone, but in this case I found it difficult to resist. 

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funny face 2.jpgCheck out these "math-terpieces" created by our math education students.  Can you spot the six standard functions used to create these works of art?
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