Courtney R. Nagle


Assistant Professor of Mathematics Education

Penn State Erie, The Behrend College
School of Science , Mathematics

                                    Office: 81 Benson                                                                   Spring 2013 Courses:

                                    Phone: 814-898-6471                                                              MATH 140, MTHED 411,

MTHED 427, MATH 494



Nagle, C., Moore-Russo, D., Viglietti, J., & Martin, K. (in press). Calculus students’ and instructors’ conceptualizations of slope: A comparison across academic levels.  International Journal of Science and Mathematics Education.

Nagle, C. (in press).  Transitioning from introductory calculus to formal limit conceptions.  For the Learning of Mathematics.

Nagle, C., & Moore-Russo, D. (in press).  Connecting slope, steepness, and angles.  Mathematics Teacher.

Nagle, C.  (2009). Using predictions to introduce limits and continuity.  MathAMATYC Educator, 1(1), 24-28.

Mathematics Teacher Media Clips:

Long-Distance Calling Plans: 2009, Vol. 102, 488-491.

Wendy's Burger Variations: 2009, Vol. 103, 176-179.


Integrating technology-rich instruction of urban students into the mathematics education curriculum, P.I. Courtney Nagle (with Joseph Previte and Jodie Styers), National Science Foundation, $159,901, in progress.


Integrating key nursing concepts and processes into the mathematics curriculum, P.I. Courtney Nagle (with Danielle Goodwin, Margo Kertis, Jo Anne Carrick), Schreyer Institute for Teaching Excellence, $8000, completed December 2008


Hybrid course development: Math 21 for Nurses, P.I. Courtney Nagle (with Margo Kertis and Jodie Styers), Penn State Erie, $5000, completed Fall 2010.


A graph created by Mthed 411 students showing the optimal dimensions for creating an open box.

Check out some of the Mthed 427 students’ “Math-terpieces

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Courses Taught by Semester:

Spring 2013: Mthed 411, Mthed 427, Math 140, Math 494

Fall 2012: Math 140, Mthed 412

Spring 2012: Mthed 411, Mthed 427, Math 110

Fall 2011: Mthed 412W, Math 140, Math 021 for Nurses (Hybrid)

Spring 2011: Mthed 411, Mthed 427

Fall 2010: Mthed 412, Math 021 for Nurses (Hybrid), PSU 007

Spring 2010: Math 110 and Math 200

Description: Description: Description: grady for rach.jpgFall 2009: PSU 007, Math 21 for Nurses, Math 110

Summer 2009: Math 22

Spring 2009: Math 110 and Math 140

Fall 2008: Math 140, Math 110, Math 021 for Nurses

Description: Description: Description: joe bag pipes.jpgSummer 2008: Math 141

Spring 2008: Math 022 and Math 036

Fall 2007: Math 141 and Math 140

Spring 2007: Math 110 and Math 140

Fall 2006: Math 110 and Math 140



   Math 21 for Nurses Documents