Also called ST. VINCENT AND THE GRENADINES. (See separate listing for GRENADINES OF ST. VINCENT).

Catalog # Denom.      Date      Turtle      Description      Comment

SC 3806 $3 06 Oct 11 Three Species Sheetlet of three $3 stamps w/ a different turtle on each. Head of an unidentified freshwater turtle plus waterlily flower and leaves in left margin of sheet. Right margin of sheet inscribed "Turtles".

SC 3806 a $3 26 Oct 11 Deirochelys reticularia One individual facing left. From Scott #3806.

SC 3806 b $3 26 Oct 11 Malaclemys terrapin One individual facing left. From Scott #3806.

SC 3806 c $3 26 Oct 11 Trachemys scripta elegans Anterior half of one individual facing left. From Scott #3806.

SC 3807 $9 26 Oct 11 Unidentified Sea Turtle S/S w/ one stamp containing a picture of a sea turtle swimming left. Stamp is inscribed "Green Turtle, Chelonia mydas" but George Balazs says it is definitely not a C. mydas. Upper margin of sheet inscribed "TURTLES". Linn's Stamp News dated 9 January 2012, page 37, reported the denomination of this stamp to be $6 but actually it is $9.

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