Scott stopped listing Liberian stamps issued after August 1999 because there was no postal service in that country due to the civil war. They resumed listing them in 2005.

Catalog # Denom.      Date      Turtle      Description      Comment

$180 26 Dec 11 Two Psammobates Species S/S w/ two se-tenant $180 stamps w/ a tortoise on each. Tortoises depicted are Psammobates tentorius and P. oculifera (misspelled "oculifer" on stamp). Ventral view of each species in sheet margin.

$180 26 Dec 11 Psammobates tentorius One individual facing left. From s/s of two stamps issued this date.

$180 26 Dec 11 Psammobates oculifera One individual facing right From s/s of two stamps issued this date. Species name misspelled "oculifer" on stamp.

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