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Various 2011 Six Species Sheetlet of six stamps, each depicting a different species of turtle. Upper margin of sheet inscribed "Animals". Lower margin of sheet inscribed "Republique de Djibouti".

50f 2011 Lepidochelys olivacea One hatchling facing left.

100f 2011 Graptemys geographica One hatchling facing right on a green leaf.

200f 2011 Terrapene carolina Semi-dorsal view of adult facing right. The subspecies depicted is triunguis.

300f 2011 Pseudemys rubriventris Large adult female facing three-quarters left w/ forelimbs retracted and head partially retracted.

400f 2011 Aldabrachelys gigantea Pair mating, facing left.

500f 2011 Chelonoidis nigra? One individual facing left. I.D. uncertain. Carapace shows pyramiding typical of too much protein in diet.

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