Catalog # Denom.      Date      Turtle      Description      Comment

100000Db 2009 Stylized Turtle Cinderella s/s of one stamp. Margins of sheet depict Jeronimo (Geronimo), Tauro Sentado (Sitting Bull), and Chefe Jose (Chief Joseph) plus a bison, a bald eagle, and a totem pole. Upper margin of sheet inscribed "America Nativa". No turtles on stamp; on sheet margin only. The right margin has a vertical line of Indian designs including a dorsal view of a stylized turtle.

100000Db 20 Sep 10 Unidentified Sea Turtle S/S of one stamp. Margin inscribed "Ano Internacional da Biodiversidade". Many animals pictured in sheet margin including generalized sea turtle. Stamp itself depicts a giant panda and has no turtle. Turtle in sheet margin only.

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