Catalog # Denom.      Date      Turtle      Description      Comment

SC 1384 3.00k 22 May 09 Chelonia mydas Single triangular stamp w/ design similar to triangular stamp from "Coral Triangle '2009" sheet but on this stamp one point of the triangle is pointing up and the bottom of the stamp is a flat side of the triangle. Stamp inscribed "Coral Triangle '2009" and "Marine Turtles". Stamp has a blue-green frame.

SC 1387 Various 22 May 09 Chelonia mydas Sheet of four triangular stamps w/ one or more marine organisms on each. Turtle on one. Small map in lower left corner of stamp. Upper selvedge of sheet and each stamp inscribed "Coral Triangle '2009". Stamp w/ turtle is oriented w/ one point down and flat side of triangle at top. Stamp has no frame.

SC 1387 b 3.00k 22 May 09 Chelonia mydas Individual stamp w/ turtle from Scott Papua New Guinea #1387.

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