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80 Chelonia mydas Sheet of sixteen identical stamps w/ red design that looks as if it may be woven out of yarn. Tab attached to right side of each stamp. One tab depicts Chelonia mydas. Each tab inscribed "novozymes". Every other tab w/ WWF Panda logo.

SC 3561 var. 1.20 09 Feb 07 Unidentified Plastron Sheet of twelve stamps and twelve tabs. Left margin of sheet has a drawing of a plastron with inscriptions on it. This is an example of a practice called pyromancy in which bone or a plastron was heated and then used to divine the future. When a plastron was used, it was called plastromancy, a special type of pyromancy. *** Scott has assigned #3561 to the individual stamps but does not mention the sheet. I have called the sheet #3561 var where "var" stands for variety. There are no turtles on the stamps themselves.

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