Catalog # Denom.      Date      Turtle      Description      Comment

10,000db 2005 Chelonia mydas S/S of four stamps w/ photos of owls on each stamp. Seven pale photos of turtles distributed around the four margins of the sheet. "2005" inscribed in upper right corner of each stamp. "Flores e Animais do Mundo e WWF" printed in bottom margin of sheet in extremely small print. No WWF symbols on stamps or sheet.

Various 2008 Unidentified Sea Turtle S/S of four stamps depicting bank notes from four different countries. The upper left and lower right corners of the sheet show partial images of a bank note from Auba w/ a stylized sea turtle on it. There are no turtles on any of the four stamps. The bank note w/ the turtle depicted in two corners of the background of the sheet is listed as Aruba #6 in The Standard Catalog of World Paper Money, Volume Three, 10th Edition. The note was first issued in 1990 and has a denomination of 5 Florin.

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