Catalog # Denom.      Date      Turtle      Description      Comment

2.25sh 05 Dec 07 Unidentified Tortoises Sheet w/ six stamps and four tabs forming a unified scene of animals leaving Noah's Ark. Two tortoises in lower right corner of sheet, one on tab and one partly on tab and partly in sheet margin. Sheet inscribed "Noah's Ark" "Israel" and "2008" despite the fact that the sheet was issued on 5 Dec 07.

2.25sh 05 Dec 07 Mauremys caspica Sheet of nine se-tenant stamps w/ three attached tabs. Three identical stamps on the sheet depict a turtle basking on a log w/ white pelicans in the background. Issued for the Hula Nature Reserve. One of the turtle stamps has an attached tab depicting a white-tailed eagle.

2.25 05 Dec 07 Mauremys caspica One of the three individual, identical stamps w/ a turtle from the sheet of nine issued this date. Issued for the Hula Nature Reserve.

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