What's New:  September 2006

Here is the material that was added or modified for this update:

  1. List of Stamps Arranged by Country

  2. Appendix I:  National Wildlife Federation Stamps

    Year        Turtle Species     
    1998Caretta caretta turtle stamp icon
    1998Chelonia mydas turtle stamp icon

  3. Appendix II:  Labels, Seals, Advertising Stamps, Etc.

    DANISH WWF - 1986   turtle stamp icon

    Two labels, one depicting a Galapagos Tortoise and one depicting a Leatherback Sea Turtle. WWF symbol on each label.


    Pair of se-tenant, privately printed Christmas seals for the Turtle Mountain Indian Reservation and the St. Ann Indian School in Belcourt, North Dakota. Date of issue is unknown. Tortoise on one seal of the pair.

  4. Appendix V:  Post Offices with "Turtle" or "Tortoise" in Their Names

    Post Office Name        Country        State or Province        Postal Code        Dates of Existence**   

    Turtle Mountain Canada Manitoba 1 Mar 1901 - 15 Dec 1909

    Turtle River Canada Manitoba 1 Feb 1899 - 30 Jun 1918

    Turtle Creek Canada New Brunswick Closed 16 Jun 1969.

    Turtle Lake Canada Ontario 1 Jul 1901 - 11 Nov 1950

    La Tortue Canada Quebec 1 Nov 1871 - 1 Sep 1872. Reopened 10 Jan 1910. Name changed to St. Mathieu de la Prairie 1 Apr 1919.

    Lac à la Tortue Canada Quebec GOX1LO Opened 1 May 1882.

    Turtle Beach Canada Saskatchewan Opened 1 Sep 1910. Name changed to Patchgrove 1 Aug 1923. Closed 30 Jan 1970.

    Turtleford Canada Saskatchewan S0M 2Y0 Opened 1 Dec 1913.

    Turtletown U.S.A. North Carolina (pre-ZIP) Opened 23 Dec 1847. Name changed to Patrick in 1895. Closed 31 Aug 1951.

    Turtletown U.S.A. Tennessee 37391 1890 to present

    ** Where a single date appears in the last column, it means that neither the date of opening nor the date of closing is known to the compilers. The single date means that a postmark exists from that post office, bearing that date, showing that the post office was operating at that time.

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