What's New:  June 2005

Here is the material that was added or modified for this update:

  1. List of Stamps Arranged by Country

  2. Appendix II: Labels, Seals, Advertising Stamps, Etc.

    DANISH WWF - 2005  

    A label with a Green Sea Turtle from a sheet of 30 labels depicting a single underwater panoramic view of a coral reef. WWF symbol on each stamp. Sheet margin inscribed "Naturmaerket 2005".


    Four souvenir sheets with one stamp each plus one strip of four stamps. Each s/s depicts a large turtle with most of its body in the margin of the sheet and its head on the stamp.

    The turtle species depicted and the "denomination" for each of the s/s is as follows: Loggerhead (Caretta caretta) 99.1, Leatherback (Dermochelys coriacia) 99.2, Green (Chelonia mydas) 99.3 and Hawksbill (Eretmochelys imbricate) 99.4.

    The strip of four shows a Green Sea Turtle on a beach on the stamp in the "c" position. The denomination of that stamp is 99.7.

  3. Appendix III: Turtle "Look-Alike" Stamps


    Henodus sp. - Date Unknown. See taxonomy of Henodus under Sierra Leone. This stamp is from a sheet of nine, all depicting prehistoric animals. In addition to the stamp, there is a partial view of a Henodus head in the bottom margin of the sheet.

  4. Appendix V: Post Offices with "Turtle" or "Tortoise" in Their Names
    Post Office Name        Country        State or Province        Postal Code        Dates of Existence   
    Turtle Lake China Fou Kien 1950
    Turtle Cliff Japan 1898

  5. Appendix VI: Personal Stamps
    Personalized stamps from Australia, Brazil, Canada, Fiji, France, Indonesia, the Netherlands, Singapore, South Korea, and the United States.

Last modified:  June 30, 2005