What's New:  September 2004

Here is the material that was added or modified for this update:

  1. List of Stamps Arranged by Country

  2. Appendix II: Labels, Seals, Advertising Stamps, Etc.


    The residents of the U.S. Florida Keys call themselves "Conchs" and say that they live in the Conch Republic. This label from the Conch Republic commemorates "Lucky", a famous sea turtle whose life was saved by groundbreaking veterinary surgery on 17 January 1984. It was the first marine animal surgical transplant in the world, replacing both front flippers which had been lost in a shark attack.


    Spring River Local Post is located in Carl Junction, Missouri, U.S.A. It has operated continuously from August, 1982 until the present. It is run primarily as a hobby/diversion activity. It has issued many stamps, one of which depicts a tortoise.


    Poster stamp issued to commemorate the third annual convention of the David Bushnell Chapter No. 48 of the Universal Ship Cancellation Society at New Haven, Connecticut, U.S.A. on 16 April 1939. Stamp pictures the first submarine, built by David Bushnell in 1776 and named "The Turtle". The word "turtle" appears at the bottom of the illustration and also at the bottom of the stamp.

  3. Appendix V: Post Offices with "Turtle" or "Tortoise" in Their Names

    Post Office Name        Country        State or Province        Postal Code        Dates of Existence   
    Turtle River U.S.A. Dakota Territory (pre-ZIP) 1880 - 8 Nov 1889
    Carrington & Turtle Lake Railway Post Office U.S.A. North Dakota (pre-ZIP) 1911; 1951
    Turtle River U.S.A. North Dakota (pre-ZIP) 8 Nov 1889 - 4 Dec 1902
    Turtletown U.S.A. Tennessee 37391 Current
    U.S.S. Tortuga Post Office U.S.A. U.S. Navy Ship "Tortuga" none 1967

    NOTE:  The following cities/towns may or may not have Post Offices:

    Tortugas, Cordoba, Argentina
    Las Tortugas, Salta, Argentina
    Tartarugalzinho, Amapá, Brazil
    Tartaruga, Amazonas, Brazil
    Tartaruga, Bahia, Brazil
    Jicotea, Costa Rica
    Punta Tortuga, Esmeraldas, Ecuador
    Tortuga, Hidalgo, Mexico
    Rancho la Tortuga, Sonora, Mexico
    Skilpad, Namibia
    La Tortuga, Atlántico Sur, Nicaragua
    Tortuga, Chiriqui, Panama
    Tortuga, Ancash, Perù

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