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Catalog # Denom.      Date      Turtle      Description      Comment

None Unknown Turtle on Parade Float Aerogramme inscribed "Museo del Carnaval" w/ scenes of revelers. Lower left corner shows a float in a parade with a very large figure of a turtle at the front. Upper right corner has a small circle w/ an airplane in the center and the inscription "Aerograma Internacional - Port Paye" around the perimeter.

SC 1713 6p 26 Mar 98 Testudinites sellowi Se-tenant block of four stamps depicting fossils. Turtle on one stamp only.

SC 1713 a 6p 26 Mar 98 Testudinites sellowi An extinct species. Fossil first discovered in 1830.

SC 1893 $11 15 Feb 01 See Comment Column Se-tenant block of four depicting two frogs and two turtles. One Acanththochelys (=Platemys) spixii and one Phrynops hillarii.

SC 1893 b $11 15 Feb 01 Acanthochelys spixii One individual facing left. Scientific name is Platemys spixii according to some authorities. Iverson assigned this species to Acanthochelys in 1986, but this has not been universally accepted.

SC 1893 c $11 15 Feb 01 Phrynops hillarii One individual facing right. From Scott Uruguay #1893.

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