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Catalog # Denom.      Date      Turtle      Description      Comment

2 lei Archelon sp. Postal stationery w/ a photograph of an Archelon fossil. Archelon is misspelled as "Arhichelon" on this stationery.

5000L 2004 Testudo graeca Postal stationery. Pre-stamped envelope w/ a cachet depicting many stamps, including Scott ROmania #1719 which has the tortoise. Issued for Bucharest Philatelic Exhibition, 16-30 September 2004.

3.10lei 09 Feb 07 Caretta caretta Stamp from set of four, all of which are the same as the four stamps on the "Fauna From the Black Sea" s/s. The selvedge next to the stamps has aditional turtles. Stamps from the edge of the pane w/ selvedge attached will have an additional turtle on what is similar to a tab.

SC 1316 55b 01 Feb 60 Testudo graeca

SC 1719 5b 25 Feb 65 Testudo graeca

SC 4122 150l 12 Sep 96 Testudo hermanni Somewhat stylized picture does not show divided supracaudal scute. Inscribed "Testoasa de uscat".

SC 4918 3.10lei 09 Feb 07 Caretta caretta Individual stamp w/ turtle from Scott Romania #4919a. Turtle on beach, facing right. Inscribed "Testosa de mare".

SC 4919 a Various 09 Feb 07 Caretta caretta S/S of four stamps, one of which depicts a Caretta caretta on beach, facing right. Turtle stamp is Scott Romania #4918. "Fauna From the Black Sea" issue.

SC 5129 3 lei 28 Aug 09 Testudo graeca iberia Large tortoise facing three-quarters left is main design feature. Inscribed "Testoasa dobrogeana" in upper right corner. Stamp exists w/ an attached label that has the same drawing of the tortoise that appears on the stamp but the background on the label is all yellow.

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