sample stamp

Catalog # Denom.      Date      Turtle      Description      Comment

500f 2005 Meiolania sp. S/S of one stamp w/large brown turtle. Boy Scout and Rotary emblems in upper left corner of stamp. Five turtles in margin of sheet: Clemmys guttata, Macroclemys temminckii, Trionyx sp., Chrysemys picta and Heosemys spinosa.

SC 252 40fr 31 Mar 76 Geochelone sulcata

SC 828 250f 03 Feb 97 Geochelone elephantopus Environment Protection Sheet of nine 250f stamps. Turtle on one stamp only.

SC 828 f 250f 03 Feb 97 Geochelone elephantopus Single stamp w/ tortoise from Scott Mali #828.

SC C 19 25fr 23 Nov 63 Geochelone sulcata

SC C 20 200fr 23 Nov 63 Geochelone sulcata

SC C 175 70fr 12 Mar 73 Geochelone sulcata This is a stamp on stamp. The tortoise is on Scott Mali #C20, which is shown on this stamp.

SC C 65 100f 14 Feb 69 Stylized Wood Carving Stamp-on-Stamp and woodcarving. The stamp on the stamp is Scott French Sudan #64. The woodcarving is of an animal with what MAY be a highly stylized turtle in its mouth or in the background. Some people feel that this figure reresents a turtle but most people feel that it does not. Issued for Philexafrique, a stamp exhibition held in Abidjan in 1969.

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