sample stamp

Catalog # Denom.      Date      Turtle      Description      Comment

0.20eu 21 Feb 12 Caretta caretta One individual swimming almost directly toward viewer. Stamp inscribed "2012" in lower left corner. From set of ten entitled "Riches of the Greek Seas". Stamp is available from coil or from sheet.

SC 651 1d 20 Jun 59 Unidentified Tortoise This stamp shows an ancient lyre made from a whole tortoise shell.

SC 1588 130d 05 Mar 87 Cartoon Tortoise From Aesop's fables.

SC 1588 a 130d 1987 Cartoon Tortoise This is the same as Greece #1588, except it is a coil. No longer listed separately by Scott.

SC 1675 70d 16 Mar 90 Caretta caretta

SC 2338 2.29eu 27 Feb 08 Caretta caretta Steep, rocky shoreline w/ tunnel eroded through rock. Turtle in lower right corner of stamp. Perf 14.25 X 14. From set of stamps featuring various Greek Islands. This stamp features the island of Zakinthos.

SC 2338 a 2.29eu 27 Feb 08 Caretta caretta Identical to Scott Greece #2338 except this stamp is perf 13.25 vertically.

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