sample stamp

Mailing Label with Enlarged Inset
to Show Detail of Turtle

Catalog # Denom.      Date      Turtle      Description      Comment

55 + 25 2007? Giant Tortoise Postal stationery. Cover w/ surcharged stamp printed directly on it. Stamp depicts doe and fawn. Cachet depicts zebra, elephant, polar bear, tiger and giant tortoise. Cover commemorates the 100th anniversary of the Hagenbeck Zoo. Stamp design is exactly the same as Scott Germany #B973. Surcharge on stamp is for a fund for children.

MI ** 9.80DM 01 Oct 98 Cartoon Tortoise ** This item is listed in a specialized Michel catalog of German stamps. The number is PZ6.1./02. It is a mailing label issued by Deutsche Post for prepaying postage on packages up to 20 kg in wt. This mailing label serves the same purpose as a stamp; it verifies that postage has been paid for the posted item but it also has space for the address and return address. Not a stamp in the normal sense, but it serves exactly the same purpose as a stamp. Tortoise is one of many small cartoon figures on label.

SC 2555 45c 02 Jan 10 Geochelone radiata Dinosaur skeleton in foreground and photographs of many different animals in background, including a radiated tortoise. Inscribed "200 Jahre Museum fur Naturkunde Berlin". This stamp exists in two varieties: a self-adhesive sheet of ten and a gummed sheet of ten w/ fossil shells in the margins.

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