sample stamp

Catalog # Denom.      Date      Turtle      Description      Comment

SC 289 18f 24 Jun 76 Chelonia mydas The turtle on the stamp is highly stylized and unrecognizable to species but the name on the stamp itself is Chelonia mydas.

SC 432 51f 19 Feb 86 Chelonia mydas

SC 461 21f 13 May 87 Stylized Sea Turtle The turtle on this stamp is a petroglyph (rock painting) from Raiatea Island. It is crude and highly stylized.

SC 470 32fr 14 Oct 87 Turtle Shell Decoration The plumed head band on the extreme left side of this stamp is made partly from turtle shell according to the Postmaster in Papeete, Tahiti (personal correspondance w/ D. N. Riemer).

SC 657 22 & 29 04 May 95 Chelonia mydas Strip of three stamps and two labels, including 657a and 657b. A black and white line drawing of Chelonia mydas is on one of the labels.

SC 657 a 22f 04 May 95 Chelonia mydas Close-up of Head.

SC 657 b 29f 04 May 95 Chelonia mydas Side View of Adult Swimming.

SC 666 83f 12 Aug 95 Cartoon Turtle Turtle w/ flowers on head and "TAHITI 95" written on plastron. Issued for the 10th South Pacific Games.

SC 724 96f 15 Oct 97 Unidentified Sea Turtle? Stamp depicts a work of art with two figures made of inlaid mother-of-pearl. These figures resemble sea turtles. According to the postmistress in Papeete, Tahiti, these figures represent lizards, but they look more like sea turtles.

SC 741 200f 18 Sep 98 Unidentified Sea Turtle Small turtle in underwater and above water scene. Inscribed "Les fonds marins".

SC 896 a 440f 27 May 05 Chelonia mydas S/S of four stamps (two 90f and two 130f). Large sea turtle in margin of sheet. Sheet itself has a denom of 440f which is the sum of the denoms of the individual stamps. Sheet inscribed "Fonds Marins: Poissons".

SC 910 90f 16 Dec 05 Cartoon Sea Turtle Children's drawing: Sea turtle w/ Santa hat on small island; two reindeer on larger island. Christmas stamp for 2005.

SC 1009 100f 11 Sep 09 Chelonia mydas Individual stamp w/ turtle from Scott French Polynesia #1010a. Turtle swimming to right w/ its upside-down image reflected in the bottom of the water surface, above the turtle.

SC 1010 a 310f 11 Sep 09 Chelonia mydas S/S w/ three stamps showing three different marine animals. Sheet margin shows diver and various marine animals, including a turtle. An additional turtle on one stamp (the 100f value). Sheet margin inscribed "Plongee, Tortue, Baleine". Each stamp has its own denomination but the sheet has a denomination of its own (310f) in the lower left corner.

SC 1062 100f 27 Sep 11 Unidentified Sea Turtle Booklet pane of twelve Marine Life stamps issued this date. One stamp shows anterior half of turtle swimming downward and left plus small fish and coral. Stamps were issued in flat strips that can be folded into simple booklets.

SC 1062 i 100f 27 Sep 11 Unidentified Sea Turtle Individual stamp w/ turtle from Scott French Polynesia #1062.

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