Robert Bernasconi Joins Penn State Faculty

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Professor Robert Bernasconi will join the philosophy faculty at Penn State in Fall 2009 as Edwin Erle Sparks Professor of Philosophy.  Professor Bernasconi’s primary research and teaching interests lie in critical philosophy of race, particularly in relation to the history of philosophy, and Continental philosophy, especially figures such as Sartre, Levinas, and Heidegger. He is the author of How to Read Sartre (W.W. Norton, 2007), Heidegger in Question: The Art of Existing (Humanities Press, 1993), and The Question of Language in Heidegger’s History of Being (Humanities Press, 1985).  

He is the editor or co-editor of thirteen books, including Race, Hybridity, and Miscegenation (Thoemmes, 2005), Race and Racism in Continental Philosophy (Indiana UP, 2003), The Cambridge Companion to Levinas (Cambridge UP, 2002), Race (Blackwell, 2001), The Idea of Race (Hackett, 2000) and Re-Reading Levinas (Indiana UP, 1991).

We are very excited to welcome Robert to the department.

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Greetings Robert,

What are you going to do in Collegeville? I have obviously been there, as you perhaps remember. What made you leave Memphis and all your Blues clubs? Apparently Len Lawlor is going with you. The area is pretty, the roads are dangerous. I am still in Chi-town, unfortunately diagnosed with a neurological disease that seems to be progressing. In the midst of a heat wave but I am house bound so cannot get to a cooling center. Thank god I have AC. Reading Allan Blooms translation of Rousseau's Emile. V. Interesting. He was the best translator of Plato's Republic.

Maybe u r in Perugia? Miss that place. Feel free to respond or not. A

Dear Robert Bernasconi;

I am a lecturer at Sociology Department of Uludag University in Turkey, Bursa and my name is Gökhan Yavuz Demir. I am also serving in the capacity of Paradigma Publishing editor and translator. My chief area of interest is language and literary theory. I am an avid reader of your books and I am more than happy to use your books in my lectures.

Recently I have been editing a book called "Sons and Fathers" which stands on the concept of collecting texts from well known Turkish authors concerning their relationship with their fathers. I would extremely appreciate your contribution to the project. So I would like to ask you how about writing a small essay on your father ? I know assume that you are busy man but it would make us very happy if you could allocate a little time for our project.

I look forward to receive your reply as soon as possible.
With Regards,

Gökhan Yavuz Demir, PhD.

Congratulations, Dr. Bernasconi --
Richard Jung found this information and passed it along to me. It is a loss for Memphis, but a wonderful gain for Penn State!
Chris McCord

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