Digital Dialogue Podcast 05: Identity

In episode five of the Digital Dialogue podcast, I am joined by Joshua Miller, Ph.D. candidate in Philosophy and blogger under the pseudonym anotherpanacea. We focus on the question of identity and anonymity. 

Because Josh is writing his dissertation on Arendt, our discussion circled around some of the central themes of her political thinking, including the public/private distinction, the manner in which words and action are bound to one another, the question of responsibility and the need for thought to be sheltered.

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Links Associated with the Podcast
  • Left of Centre: an anonymously written by "Thorstein Veblen" about the Penn State administration.
  • Evernote: a note taking program for the desktop, mobile devices, etc.
Josh suggested a list of blogs on the left and right that are well balanced and thoughtful. 

For some open minded conservative blogs:

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