Hello Transfer Students!

After completing my high school degree at Jamestown High School, I was offered the USA Scholarship to attend Jamestown Community College. This scholarship allowed me to attend JCC tuition free, an offer I couldn't pass up. So for the next two years I stayed home and obtained my associates degree in Business Administration from Jamestown Community College. After completing my two year degree, I had to make a difficult decision on where to continue my education. I had toured several colleges throughout the Western New York area and surroundings. The best fit was Penn State Erie, The Behrend College in Erie, Pennsylvania.

Penn State Behrend accepted all my transfer credits, which allowed me to enter in my major and have junior standing. And since I graduated from JCC, graduates transferring to Penn State Erie, The Behrend College, are eligible for grant-in-aid through a new program. Grant-in-aid covers the difference between in-state and out-of-state tuition at Penn State Behrend. JCC graduates receive the grant as long as they maintain enrollment as Penn State Behrend undergraduates. Plus as an extra bonus, my USA Scholarship that I received my first semester at JCC continues here at PSB! These three factors made my decision so easy to transfer to Penn State Behrend!

Chad Muscarella

Penn State Behrend Class of 2015


New design launched using Movable Type


My web site is sporting a new look and feel thanks to the Blogs at Penn State and the Portfolio Template Set. This template makes it possible for just about anyone to get up and running with a new web site using the Blogs at Penn State. It is literally as easy as just a few clicks. Just pick a new for your web site, select the Professional Template Set and publish. Then voila! a new web site. Thank you Blogs at Penn State!

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