Media Commons Spring 2012 Forum - Berks Campus

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Media Commons is hosting a Spring Forum at the Berks campus on February 24th. I think this is going to be a great event! The Forum is going to be held in Berk's brand new Gaige Technology and Business Innovation Building. I have been through the building, and it is beautiful. We will have an welcoming address from the Chancellor of the Berks campus, Dr. R. Keith Hillkirk. Also a State of the Media Commons address from the newly appointment Assistant Director of ETS, Chris Millet. We have also gathered a great panel of faculty to discuss ways of integrating media into the classroom. After this panel is concluded we will be conducting a lightning round session, discussing topics such as The One Button Studio, Knowledge Commons, VoiceThread, and Gaming. We will finish the day with tours of the Gaige Building, equipment demos, and a lovely lunch.

Attendance for the event should be great! We have only a few seats left. If you would like to attend please follow this link to register!

Tailgate 2011!

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This year's Tailgate is quickly approaching! There are many different things I am looking forward to at Tailgate, but I think what I am most excited for is the unveiling of the 2012 Spring Mobile Media Pilot projects. We are currently accepting project proposals from instructors wanting to use the iPod Touch devices for their class projects in the Spring. The deadline for those proposals is Friday, October 21st. I am eager to see what types of projects instructors are planning for the Spring. Media Commons staff will then go through the proposals, and pick the best candidates for the Mobile Media Pilot. Those chosen will be announced at Tailgate. It is going to be like the Oscars!

For more on the Mobile Media Pilot, visit our Web page,

See you in November!

Media Commons 101 - Abington

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The Media Commons 101 at the Abington campus was held on June 23rd, and was a little bit different from the others. We began at 11. We covered the Media Commons overview, had lunch, and then finished the day with an iMovie and Garageband lecture based tutorial.

This was a nice day. It was in a smaller room and we had 6 attendees. I believe those who attended this MC 101 have not worked with the Media Commons before, and so they were interested to see what kind of equipment and support we offer. They also were interested in what kind of projects they would be able do with Media Commons. A big talking point, as with all the other MC 101s was the One Button Studio and when it would become available. They were also very interested in using VoiceThread and NBCLearn in the future.

We had a very nice lunch, and then dove into iMovie and Garageband. While going through the tutorial we discussed different reasons why you might want to use an effect, how different features of iMovie could be helpful for different projects, for example the map tool. Also we discussed how much time it typically could take a student to complete a project in either of these programs. It was a very good day.

I will be going back to Abington for an MC 101 follow up open house on August 19th.

Media Commons 101 - Brandywine

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Monday June 20th was the Brandywine Campus MC 101. The Brandywine Seminar had an itinerary that was similar to what other campuses chose. It looked like this:

Media Commons Overview
Mobile Media Pilot Discussion
iMovie Tutorial
Garageband Tutorial

The event was well attended with 16 attendees. The reaction to all of the things Media Commons provides, the services it offers, and the things we are working on, was similar to that of Lehigh, positive. I had people asking when they could start using the One Button Studio. They were interested in using the One Button Studio for online classes, or posting presentations to YouTube or VoiceThread.

The Mobile Media Pilot discussion was equally robust. There were several Education faculty in attendance. They said, as their students have to pruchase Macs, perhaps having them participate in the pilot would be a good way for them to get to know their computer. Also they thought that the iPods might be perfect for recording Student Teaching demonstrations for later portfolio use. One instructor, at the end of the session said she was planning on purchasing all of the Apps that we have on the devices for her new iPad 2.

After a lovely lunch, I conducted both the iMovie lecture based tutorial and Garageband lecture based tutorial. The instructors and staff seemed to like learning all the effects that are possible in iMovie and Garageband.

This session went very well. I am planning on going for an open house at the Brandywine campus on August 15th.

Media Commons 101 - Lehigh Valley

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This was my first Media Commons 101 Seminar. We had 10 people attend. This MC 101 itinerary was a little different from the other itineraries. We planned on spending time going through the Media Commons Overview session, having lunch, and then spending time in the afternoon discussing the Mobile Media Pilot.

The Media Commons Overview went well. Many of the instructors were happy to know what resources were available to them on campus, and how they could use those resources in a variety of different projects. Also talking to them about what Media Commons is working on behind "closed doors" was exciting to them. As was the theme on many of the campuses, they wanted to know about the One Button Studio and when it was coming to a campus near them.  They were also interested in using NBCLearn, and planned on looking into it more after the session.

After the morning session we had a lovely lunch that was rich with discussion about classes and ways to integrate multimedia into their classes.

Following lunch we spoke further about the Mobile Media Pilot. I was able to use a document camera to show the apps and how they worked, which was excellent. There were several instructors who could see it playing a role in their Fall classes, First Year Seminar is one example. I explained the mission and the parameters of the pilot.
I will be going to Lehigh Valley again for an MC 101 follow up open house on August 17th.

Media Commons 101 - Berks Campus

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Yesterday I held my third MC 101 Seminar. It went very well, and was well attended, with 13 attendees! We had a full day. We began the day with coffee and an overview of Media Commons with MC 101. We then moved into a Mobile Media pilot discussion. There was a lot of interest in our iPod Touches. We discussed different projects that might be a good fit for the mobile media pilot. Specifically, we had an instructor interested in using them for her kinesiology class. The students have to demonstrate the way to do different kinetics, such as a bench press, correctly. We were brainstorming how the iPods could be used for such a project.

After a wonderful lunch we moved onto the iMovie workshop. Some great discussion questions came out of this session, including the best way to have students share their projects. We also addressed many frequently asked questions: how to backup your project to the Media Commons Server, how much time students may need to complete a video project. We discussed further the interface of  iMovie on an iPad as opposed to the Media Commons iMacs.

We finished the day by going through Garageband. One of the instructors that conducts the First Year Student seminar had the idea that she may have the students use Garageband to create a soundbite about themselves so that she, and their classmates, learn a little about them. By doing this type of assignment they will quickly learn about the technology available on their campus.

This Media Commons 101 was a great success! I will be returning to the Berks campus in August for an MC 101 Follow Up open house!

Collaborative Email

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As Nick and I were working today on an email to be sent to the campuses we were thinking, wouldn't it be great if there was a way we could both be in the same email to edit it at the same time. Similar to the way several people can be in Google Docs at the same time editing one document.

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