Media Commons 101 - Abington

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The Media Commons 101 at the Abington campus was held on June 23rd, and was a little bit different from the others. We began at 11. We covered the Media Commons overview, had lunch, and then finished the day with an iMovie and Garageband lecture based tutorial.

This was a nice day. It was in a smaller room and we had 6 attendees. I believe those who attended this MC 101 have not worked with the Media Commons before, and so they were interested to see what kind of equipment and support we offer. They also were interested in what kind of projects they would be able do with Media Commons. A big talking point, as with all the other MC 101s was the One Button Studio and when it would become available. They were also very interested in using VoiceThread and NBCLearn in the future.

We had a very nice lunch, and then dove into iMovie and Garageband. While going through the tutorial we discussed different reasons why you might want to use an effect, how different features of iMovie could be helpful for different projects, for example the map tool. Also we discussed how much time it typically could take a student to complete a project in either of these programs. It was a very good day.

I will be going back to Abington for an MC 101 follow up open house on August 19th.

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