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This page is out of date

The Student Activity Server has been renamed to the Penn State Student Organizations Web Service and is under new management. These Web pages are out of date and will be removed in the near future. Please read http://www.clubs.psu.edu/info/ for information about the new service.

Special directory configurations - htaccess

The Stage 3 server has support for directory specific configuration using .htaccess files. By placing a properly written text file called ".htaccess" in a directory, that directory and all sub directories will be affected.

Installation recommendation from Windows

Windows has trouble dealing with filenames that start with a ".", therefore we recommend using the name "htaccess.txt" when writing it. After it is uploaded to your website, rename it to ".htaccess" (everything inside the quotes including the initial period).

Available options

The following options are allowed for setting in .htaccess files. If an option is not allowed or the syntax is incorrect, you will receive the cryptic "500 Internal Server Error".


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