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This page may be out of date

The Student Activity Server has been renamed to the Penn State Student Organizations Web Service and is under new management. These Web pages may be out of date and will be moved to the new site in the near future. Please read http://www.clubs.psu.edu/info/ for information about the new service.

Beginners Guide to Using FrontPage with the Club Server

Updating an existing site

Prerequisites: At this point you should have Microsoft FrontPage installed on the computer you are using, and be connected to the Internet. This tutorial uses FrontPage 2000, although earlier versions may be used. You should also have SSH Secure Shell installed which includes Secure FTP. SSH Secure Shell is available from ASET via:

This tutorial will lead you through the steps needed to update a web site on the Clubs Server using MS FrontPage and Secure FTP for Windows. After that, we leave it up to you to learn other features of FrontPage and web development from other sources.

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Userid: (example: abc123)
Directory: http://www.clubs.psu.edu//


  1. Download Current Site using Secure FTP
  2. Update Your Site using FrontPage
  3. Publish your changes using Secure FTP

Download Current Site using Secure FTP

  1. Run the [Secure File Transfer Client] from the SSH Secure Shell Start Menu folder.

    [Programs] -> [SSH Secure Shell] -> [Secure File Transfer Client]
  2. Select the [Quick Connect] button.

    [Quick Connect on Menu bar]
  3. In the dialog box, type in the following information:

    Fill out the dialog box like the image, but type in <your PSU Access Account username> instead of jcd144.

  4. Type in your password when prompted.

    [Password prompt]
  5. You should then see your home directory. Here's what it looks like for jcd144:

    [jcd144's home directory]

    Note: If you were to double-click on the [www] directory, you could update your personal web space.

  6. Let's go to your clubs space now. Select [Go to Folder] from the [Operation] drop-down menu.

  7. Type in /clubs/<your group directory> for the folder name.

    Type in as shown, but use <your group directory> instead of clubs_example.

    Note: /clubs/ is a shortcut for /.../dce.psu.edu/fs/services/www/clubs/wwwroot/.

    You should see your club's files like we do below for clubs_example.


    If you are re-reading this from the upload section, you should go back now. Otherwise keep reading.

  8. Select [Select All] from the [Edit] drop-down menu.


    Which will select all of the files in your club's directory.

  9. Select [Copy] from the [Edit] drop-down menu. This will copy all of your clubs files from the server.

  10. Open Windows Explorer and make a directory on your computer that you want to use for your club's web files. For the example, we will use C:\Temp\clubs_example\.

    [Windows Explorer showing C:\Temp\clubs_example\]
  11. Select [Paste] from the [Edit] drop-down menu. This will paste all of your clubs files to your computer.

    [Edit] -> [Paste]

    Once pasted they should show up in Windows Explorer like below.


Update Your Site using FrontPage

  1. Start FrontPage

  2. Create a new web project. In FrontPage, this is called a "Web". Do this with "File" -> "New" -> "Web..."

  3. Make an empty web project, so FrontPage won't make any new pages for you. Choose the "Empty Web" icon. Then "Specify the location of the new web:" to be "c:\temp\clubs_example", which is where you just saved all of your club files to. If you chose a different directory, use that.

  4. Say "Yes" to "Do you want to convert this folder to a Web?". The resulting screen should look like this:

    FrontPage first view

  5. You should then be able to double-click each file you want to edit in the "Folder List", such as index.html:

    Edit index.html

  6. When you are done changing a page save it via "File" -> "Save".

    File -> Save

Publish your changes using Secure FTP

  1. Open a Windows Explorer window to your web directory again on your computer. This is where the running example uses C:\Temp\clubs_example\.

    [Windows exporer open to web files]
  2. Next, select [Select All] from the [Edit] drop down menu. This will select all of the files in the directory.

    [Edit] -> [Select] (Windows Explorer)
  3. Then, select [Copy] from the [Edit] drop down menu. This will copy the files you have selected to the clipboard.

    [Edit] -> [Copy] (Windows Explorer
  4. If you disconnected from the server, redo steps 1-7 from the "Download Current Site using Secure FTP" section.

  5. Once you have a Secure FTP window open to your club's directory on the server again, select [Paste] from the [Edit] drop down menu.

    [Edit] -> [Paste] (Secure FTP)
  6. Finally you should see your files upload. Once they have finished copying to the server, you should see them in the Secure FTP window.

    (Finished - Secure FTP)
  7. Open a web browser to your page to make sure everything looks correct. clubs_example looks like the following.

If you have any questions, visit the FrontPage FAQ.

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