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This page is out of date

The Student Activity Server has been renamed to the Penn State Student Organizations Web Service and is under new management. These Web pages are out of date and will be removed in the near future. Please read http://www.clubs.psu.edu/info/ for information about the new service.

Using the Temporary Backup Server

We have a mirror of our server on the PSU Personal Web Server (www.personal.psu.edu).

"Where is the link?"

First off, www.personal.psu.edu/clubs/ is a link to the same files as www.clubs.psu.edu. Any directory on www.clubs.psu.edu, such as www.clubs.psu.edu/usg, can also be reached as a subdirectory of www.personal.psu.edu/clubs, such as www.personal.psu.edu/clubs/usg. To find out what your alternate URL is, just take your current address and replace "www.clubs.psu.edu" with "www.personal.psu.edu/clubs".

"How do I use it?"

In addition, there are a few restrictions on how pages are viewable on the Personal Web Server. You may want to follow these guidelines so your site is still functional on the backup server.

  1. Case Sensitivity - While the Clubs Web Server may not care which letters on a web address are upper or lower case, the Personal Web Server does. It should be the same case spelling as you use in FTP. You should check to make sure all of your web links match the case of your file names.

  2. Relative links - We recommend that you use relative links instead of absolute links to link to other files on your site. For instance, instead of using the absolute link of <a href="http://www.clubs.psu.edu/our_club/links.html">, use the relative link <a href="links.html">. This way it will work automatically across both sites.

  3. CGI - Since CGI is server specific, and ASP and ODBC are only used on our brand of server, these tools will not work on the backup server. The following features will be unavailable:

    What will work is any utility that is active on the client side, that links to another service, or is basic to most web servers. We recommend that you provide a basic informational site for people that need it while our service is down.

  4. Directory Default Page - We have an extentensive list of directory default pages listed on our general authoring page. However the Personal Web Server only supports index.html, index.htm, default.html and default.htm.

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