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This page is out of date

The Student Activity Server has been renamed to the Penn State Student Organizations Web Service and is under new management. These Web pages are out of date and will be removed in the near future. Please read http://www.clubs.psu.edu/info/ for information about the new service.


We currently have a simple guestbook program installed. It comes with a form that a user fills out and submits and then it appends the data to the end of another HTML file. We have a sample guestbook available for you to test.

Many thanks to Tom Wilson, who wrote the Perl script which runs this guestbook.

How to set up a guestbook for your group:

  1. Download the guestbook template file and save it as guestbook.html (or another name) somewhere in your group's directory. You can change the layout of this file, as long as you pass the appropriate parameters to the guestbook.pl script.

  2. Edit the file you downloaded and replace all occurrences of YOUR_GROUPNAME_HERE with your group's directory on the server.

  3. Email ActivityServer@psu.edu and ask us to create a blank guestbook for your group in the /guestbooks directory on the server.

If you have any problems or questions, please contact us, and be sure to include your group name in the email.

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