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This page is out of date

The Student Activity Server has been renamed to the Penn State Student Organizations Web Service and is under new management. These Web pages are out of date and will be removed in the near future. Please read http://www.clubs.psu.edu/info/ for information about the new service.


A graphical counter has been installed on the Student Activity Server. To add a counter to your page, follow the directions below:


To add a counter to your page, place the following line somewhere in your HTML file:

<IMG ALT="[ Graphical Counter ]" SRC="/cgi/counter.exe?GROUP">

Where GROUP is the name of your group's directory.

Sample Styles

<IMG SRC="/cgi/counter.exe?SAS">

Generates: [graphical counter]

<IMG SRC="/cgi/counter.exe?-sa+SAS">

Generates: [graphical counter]

<IMG SRC="/cgi/counter.exe?-sfdr+SAS">

Generates: [graphical counter]

<IMG SRC="/cgi/counter.exe?-sodb+SAS">

Generates: [graphical counter]

<IMG SRC="/cgi/counter.exe?-ssdg+-bFFFFFF+-t17SAS">

Generates: [graphical counter]


Usage: counter [-f<fg clr>] [-b<bg clr> | -t<t idx>] [-s<style>] [-n] [-d<GIF dir>] [-w<#>] [-r] [ /c<#> | <item>]

-f<fg clr> - color to render foreground in.
-b<bg clr> - color to render background in.
-t<t idx> - index to color which should be transparent.
-s<style> - name of number style (#style.gif).
-n - no increment, just build GIF.
-d<GIF dir> - directory where digits are located.
relative to the location of this program.
-w<#> - width of counter in # of digits.
-r - raw, no HTTP prefix. not useful in HTML,
only on the command line.
-h - hidden, builds a transparent one by one GIF.

-c<#> and <item> are exclusive.
-c<#> - specify the number which you want to build.
ignores <item> and log.
<item> - unique identifier for counting.
usually name of page.

Multiple counters and naming scheme

You are allowed to use multiple counters, and reference them from as many pages as you want, but you should use a logical naming scheme.

For instance, you may want to make your home page just the name of the group. In our case, it would be SAS as in <img src="/cgi/counter.exe?SAS">. Then if you want to make any other pages with counters, make a new counter string starting with the group name, such as SAS_guestbook, SAS.guestbook or SAS-guestbook. Alternatively, you may use slashes to denote the subdirectory the page is in as in SAS/author. Just substitute the counter string at the end of any switches you wish to use with the string.

If you need your counter adjusted or reset, just let us know.

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