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This page may be out of date

The Student Activity Server has been renamed to the Penn State Student Organizations Web Service and is under new management. These Web pages may be out of date and will be moved to the new site in the near future. Please read http://www.clubs.psu.edu/info/ for information about the new service.

Webpage Administration

This page contains information and forms related to building and maintaining your organization's web team. Before proceeding, we ask you to read and agree to the SAS Policies.

After doing so, you may complete one of our application forms. There are now separate forms for New Webspace requests and Web Team Changes. Please use the appropriate form. If you have not received an email about your application within two weeks of submitting it, please contact us.

All access to clubs web sites is now controlled by Access Accounts, rather than the passwords we previously assigned. To change your Access Account password, visit https://www.work.psu.edu/password/. For more information on this change, please visit our Changes page.

Once your club has been granted access, visit the authoring page on how to upload files and manage your website.

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