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Welcome to the Old Web Site, of what was formerly known as the Penn State Student Activity Server
Web Service for Student Organizations

This page is out of date

The Student Activity Server has been renamed to the Penn State Student Organizations Web Service and is under new management. These Web pages are out of date and will be removed in the near future. Please read http://www.clubs.psu.edu/info/ for information about the new service.

Content of the web service

What we do

This is the main web hosting service for student organizations at Pennsylvania State University. Currently operated by a student team at University Park campus, we provide free web service to any officially registered student group.

How do I apply for web space?

Use our online form to apply for New Webspace.

How do I change the webteam membership?

We now have a separate form for webteam updates.

How do I upload my files?

Read our tutorials section on upload options.

What else is available from this site?

Organizations - Our list of clubs and organizations hosted by the server.

Webpage Administration - Includes applications for requesting web space, adding and removing webteam members, and SAS policies.

Authoring a Webpage - Information and links for creating webpages on the server.

Info about the server - Our machine specifications.

List of helpful links - Read about getting a mailing list for your club, money from UPAC, info on how to start a club, and more.

Our News Archive - Read about the recent events and history of the service.

Problems or Questions?

Please visit our Contact Page for recommendations on getting a quick and helpful response from us.

News and Announcements

Greek Life Web Service (www.greeks.psu.edu) Upgrade - Mar 6, 2003

[ Effective March 10 - March 14, 2003 ]

During the 2003 spring break recess (March 10 - March 14), the FTP service to www.greeks.psu.edu will be permanently disabled. Content from this server will be moved to a new set of servers with more modern content management utilities. A new account management system also will be implemented to allow multiple accounts for each organization and instant updates by organization presidents. Presidents for each organization will receive an e-mail notification, which includes details about the new system, once the migration for their respecitive space is complete. This will be the first group of organizations to use the new account management system. Organizations with Web space on www.clubs.psu.edu will be migrated to the new account system later in the semester.

New Site Design Underway - Mar 6 2003

To accompany the organizational and technology changes occuring to the Student Organizations Web Service, new site designs will be implemented in the near future. Revisit this page for change details.

New Partnerships / New Management System - Jan 2, 2003

Academic Services & Emerging Technologies and Student Affairs have teamed up with the Student Activity Server Committee to provide a multi-campus management system. Coming Spring Semester 2003, account processing for organization web space, web team changes, and so forth will be handled by local Student Activities offices. Details to follow.

Visit our news archive for more.

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Interface: The Student Computer Club
Sponsored by:
Student Affairs
with some special donations by Center for Academic Computing
Administrated by:
The Student Activity Server Committee and the letters "v" and "i".

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