current projects

ITC is involved in a number of projects at PSU all designed to be as hands on and informative as possible to break away from the classroom setting. Our current projects include:

Our WebTeams project is based around a novel concept designed to give members hands on experience and expert instruction in web design, while at the same time giving back to PennState. Participants receive live tutorials from experienced officers and use the skills they learn to design websties for PSU student organizations. Here are some of our latest products:

PSU SMEAL Business Roundtable
Penn State Logistics Association

Computer Construction
We created this project in order to give our members experience with computer hardware components. This program will be offered for the first time in Fall 2004, and will offer members a chance to assemble a working computer from base parts, install an operating system, and configure the hardware.

Recognizing the importane of online portfolios in the job application process, we have partnered with the manager of Penn State's new ePortfolio initiative, Glenn Johnson, to give hands on presentations to our members on constructing effective portfolio websites.

If you would like more information about any of our projects, please use the feedback form on the contact us page.

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