High School Chorus Lesson Plan

Choral Rehearsal Plan


Name of Composition:  Ave Verum (W.A. Mozart)

Musical/Technical Concept for this rehearsal:  Sing with expression using accurate diction, Latin pronunciation, and pitches

Trouble spots to address: 

  • Page 2, meas. 11-14
  • Page 3, meas. 25-29

Introductory Strategy:  Concept Pull (Work, run and gun)

Learner Objectives

  1. SWBAT sing in tune without piano accompaniment
  2. SWBAT sing using appropriate and accurate Latin diction
  3. SWBAT sing using appropriate vocal technique
  4. SWBAT follow phrasing as modeled by teacher and shown with gesture
  5. SWBAT sing correct pitches using count singing and Latin


Teacher Objectives

  1. TWBAT model using appropriate vocal technique
  2. TWBAT model appropriate Latin diction
  3. TWBAT make initial decisions about phrasing, diction, and dynamics, as well as communicate this with vocal model and gesture
  4. TWBAT provide appropriate specific feedback




  1. T:  Chant phrases of Latin with emphasized diction
  2. S:  Echo chanted phrases
  3. T:  Conduct opening section mm. 3-10, unaccompanied
  4. S:  Sing opening section using count singing
  5. T:  Give feedback based on response from choir
  6. T:  Conduct second section mm. 11-18, unaccompanied
  7. S:  Sing second section using count singing
  8. T:  Provide feedback based on response from choir
  9. T:  Conduct third section mm. 22-29, unaccompanied
  10. T:  Sing third section using count singing
  11. T:  Provide feedback based on response from choir
  12. T:  Conducting whole first section (mm. 3-29) without accompaniment
  13. S:  Sing section using Latin text
  14. T:  Provide feedback based on response from choir

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