Software Requirements Practices Questionnaire

    Dear Colleague:
    Brass Bullet Ltd. has partnered with the Advanced Software Engineering Research Group at Penn State University, Great Valley Graduate Center in conducting research on a broad range of issues involving best practices in Software Requirements Specification. While your participation is entirely voluntary a high rate of response from qualified individuals is needed to insure the accuracy of the results. Therefore your participation in this survey is respectfully requested. It will only take you approximately 7 minutes to complete the survey.

    If you would like to receive updates and survey results, please include your contact information at the end of the survey. In any case, your individual responses will be as confidential as the Internet allows.

    Thank you in advance for your participation. Please direct any questions you have to:

    Dr. Phillip A. Laplante
    Dr. Jon D. Holt
    Dr. Colin J. Neill

    Please answer the following questions based on one project that you are currently involved with, or one project that you have taken part in during the past 5 years.

    Please respond to these questions with a click in the appropriate boxes or by typing in the blank spaces.

    If you are unable to answer any particular question, please leave it blank.

    A. Organization Characteristics

  1. What type of business or organization are/were you employed by during this project?
    Information Technology
    Aerospace/High -Technology
    Pharma/ Biotech/ Medical
    Manufacturing and Process Technologies
    Other, (please specify):

  2. Approximately how many software professionals are/were employed by your organization?
    Less than 10 full time staff or equivalent
    10 to 20 full time staff
    21 to 49 full time staff
    50 to 99 full time staff
    100 to 300 full time staff
    more than 300 full time staff
    Do not know

  3. What is/was the approximate size of your organization's annual budget?
    Less than $5 million
    $5 million to 9 million
    $10 million to 49 million
    $50 million to $150 million
    more than $150 million
    Do not know

    B. Project Profile

  4. Which of the following application domains does/did this project apply to?
    Retail, Distribution & Transport
    Medical Systems
    Other (please specify)

  5. Which of the following development life-cycles best describes the one you are using/ did use in the project?
    Rapid Prototyping
    Unified Process
    Other (please specify)

  6. Within the life-cycle, do/did you do any prototyping?
    If your answer is No, please go to question 8

  7. If your answer is Yes, how do/did you prototype? (Check all that apply)
    4GL environment
    Throw-away prototype
    Evolutionary prototype
    User interface
    Other, (please specify):

  8. How many full time staff (IT) are/were involved in the project altogether?
  9. What is/was the duration of the project (from inception to delivery) ?
    less than 6 months
    6 months - < 12 months
    12 months - <24 months
    24 months - <36 months
    36 months - <48 months
    48 months - <60 months
    more than 60 months

    C. Requirements

  10. What techniques do/did you use for requirements elicitation? ( Check all that apply).
    Data Mining
    Quality Function Deployment (QFD)
    Designer as Apprentice
    Informal modeling (text and boxes)
    Semi-formal modeling (DFD, UML)
    Formal modeling (Z, VDM, SDL)
    Scenarios / Use Cases / User stories
    Throw-away prototyping
    Focus Groups
    Ethnographic approaches
    Joint Application Development (JAD)
    Other, (please specify):

  11. Which of the following approaches are you using/did you use in analysis and modelling the software requirements? (Check all that apply)
    Structured Analysis and Design Technique(SADT)
    Structured System Analysis and Design Method (SSADM)
    Structured Requirements Definition (SRD)
    Jackson System Development (JSD)
    Object Oriented Analysis
    No Methodology
    Other, (please specify):

  12. In what sort of notation is/was the requirements specification expressed?
    Formal (e.g. Z, VDM)
    Semi formal (e.g. DFD, ERD, STD)
    Informal (Natural Language)
    Other (please specify):

  13. Do/did you perform requirements inspections?
    If your answer is No, please go to question 15

  14. If your answer is Yes, which technique do/did you use? (Check all that apply)
    Ad hoc walk-through
    Formal walk-through
    Automatic (using software tools)
    Other (please specify):

  15. In your opinion, does your company do enough requirements engineering?

  16.       D. Software Quality and Productivity

  17. The following statements are indicators for Software Quality and Software Productivity. Please rate these statements by clicking one box with the following scales
    Software Quality and Productivity

    Strongly Disagree


    Neither Disagree nor Agree


    Strongly Agree

    Not Applicable

    Capabilities of the finished product fitted well with customer or user needs

    End-users found the finished product was easy to use

    Project costs were within budget estimates

    The duration of the project was within schedule

    Project goals were achieved earlier than predicted

    The team size was adequate for the project

    The ability and previous experience of the software development team was adequate

    The quality of the development team's work was acceptable

    Error severity was not significant in the project

    Corrective hours resolving run-time problems were minimal

    The project could have been completed faster, but that would have meant a lower quality product

  18.        E. Personal Experience

  19. Which of the following best describes your position while engaged in this project?
    Programmer / Developer
    Software Architect
    Software Engineer
    Project Manager
    Other (please specify)

  20. Over the last 5 years, how many software projects have you worked on?

Participation is voluntary and you may withdraw your participation at any time and decline to answer any questions. Your answers to this questionnaire will remain completely confidential (although responses are not encrypted), but if you would like to be informed as to the progress and results of this research, please fill in the following information:


Job Title:


Submission of a completed survey constitutes consent to be included in the study. Many thanks.

Last modified: February 2002 by Dr. C.J. Neill
Copyright(C), 2002 The Pennsylvania State University
Many of these questions were adapted from a similar survey conducted by Macquarie University, Australia in 1998.