Have you ever worked on a doomed project? Have you ever had to deal with a terrible manager or on a dysfunctional team?


This book documents toxic personality types, dysfunctional management situations and misaligned organizational environments as antipatterns patterns of behavior that hinder progress, feed animosity and destroy trust.


Learn about what causes these common problems and how to overcome them to build effective teams and organizations.


We catalogued 49 antipatterns that limit team effectiveness, doom projects, and threaten organizational success.

The catalog is divided into antipatterns that effect team and project management, called Management Antipatterns:


  Absentee Manager

  All You Have Is A Hammer

  Cage Match Negotiator


  Fruitless Hoops

  Golden Child

  Headless Chicken

  Leader Not Manager

  Managerial Cloning

  Manager Not Leader

  Metric Abuse


  Mr. Nice Guy

  Mushroom Management

  Plate Spinning

  Proletariat Hero

  Rising Upstart

  Road to Nowhere

  Spineless Executive

  Three-Headed Knight

  Ultimate Weapon

  Warm Bodies




And antipatterns that operate at the organizational level, called Environmental Antipatterns:


  • Ant Colony
  • Atlas Shrug
  • Autonomous Collective
  • Boiling Frog Syndrome
  • Burning Bag of Dung
  • Buzzword Mania
  • Deflated Balloon
  • Divergent Goals
  • Dogmatic About Dysfunction
  • Dunkirk Spirit
  • Emperors New Clothes
  • Fairness Doctrine
  • Fools Rush In
  • Founderitis


  • French Waiter Syndrome
  • Geek Hazing
  • Institutional Mistrust
  • Kiosk City
  • Mediocracy
  • One Eyed King
  • Orange Stand Economics
  • Pitcairn Island
  • Potemkin Village
  • Process Clash
  • Rubiks Cube
  • Shoeless Children
  • Worshiping The Golden Calf