West Of Everything (Delvonne McCullum)

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When I was first asked in the beginning of the course if I had ever been to a few of the places out West, I shrugged my shoulders because I knew I hadn't nor did I plan to. Since taking this ENG 003 course I've grown to have a greater appreciation for things out West than what I may have ignored before. In this piece I encourage all my readers to visit anywhere out West to experience some of the things discussed in this course. Although the novels read during the course were fictional, they still held a true meaning to what the West is all about. The west side of the nation has rich history with land, Native Americans and the struggle to preserve both. We've discussed on numerous occasions in class about how Native Americans don't seem to have much of a voice anymore because of their numbers. I want to encourage readers to try to be the voice for Native Americans in helping out in any type of movement they're involved in. I got a great vibe  from students who seem motivated to make a difference. Now is your chance to do so. I challenge you to educate yourself about any probable issues facing Native Americans in today's society and to see if there is anything you can do to help their people, their land, as well as yourselves. At the beginning of the semester I was hesitant to visit the West because it didn't seem as interesting to me as much as did Dr. Mulford made it sound. I'm still not completely sold on the West but I'm at least willing to visit. Why not?


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Delvonne McCullum

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