We need to stop polluting water

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Water pollution is defined as any chemical, physical or biological change in the quality of water that has a harmful effect on any living thing the drinks, uses or lives in it. Unfortunately, the dominant cause of water pollution is human beings. Human activities ranging from car exhaust to factory work play large roles in contaminating our water source. Something needs to be done soon to prevent this from getting any worse than it already is. 

We use water for almost everything that nourishes our bodies whether it's us or our food supplies taking in the water it plays a large role for all forms of life. Infected water will eventually make its way to human beings either through directly drinking it or eating something that had consumed the infected water. Any type of pollution will eventually work it's way into our water sources. If we continue to pollute our sources of water we will not only increase our chances of getting sick because of it but the price of clean drinking water and clean food will continually rise. It will become increasing difficult to find pure water with life in it to provide for our civilization. 

 I think the first steps to decrease how much we pollute has to do with gas emissions from cars. The switch to electric cars is not coming fast enough and car companies need to find a way to either speed this up or produce cars that emit less harmful gasses into our world. Will changing the way cars operate be more expensive? Yes, but I think that by cleaning our environment this is definitely worth it. 

 I've seen the effects of polluted water first hand. I spent 10 days building houses on a service trip to a small village in the Dominican Republic with my high school. These people did not have the financial resources to afford clean drinking water and were forced to use the small stream running through town for whatever they needed water for. Because of this you could see many children who had even infected by the water. Whenever these small malnourished children had strangely round bellies it meant that parasites that were growing in the water were now growing inside of them. These parasites would slowly eat away at whatever they could inside of these kids and could eventually do serious bodily harm to them. Most of their families cannot afford treatment for this so they are forced to persevere and hope it does not get any worse. 

 Those kids have no choice; they have no other source for water and are forced to drink this dirty water. Having pure drinking water more readily available worldwide starts with us. By decreasing pollution the cost of clean water will begin to fall, eventually into something those families can afford. There are no negatives to polluting our world less, something needs to be done about it now. 
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I definitely think that in the United States, it is extremely easy to forget that getting clean water is even an issue for a large number of people in the world. Especially on campus, we take advantage of the fact that there are dispensers especially made for water bottles in almost every building.

When I read about your experiences in the Dominican Republic, I was shocked. Of course I have heard about water pollution, but the problem was so far away that it didn't seem to be an issue.

I agree with you that car emissions are a big problem. I remember I saw this inforgraphic on pollution. Even though trains and airplanes produce more pollution per vehicle, cars by far emit the most due to there being so many on the road.
I also agree that electric cars will be a big help. I think high expenses is a common problem right now with trying to be more economically friendly. But a lot of people don't realize that they'll save money in the long run by not purchasing as much gas for their car.

In the meantime, however, before electric cars are more widespread and more affordable, I think there are other ways to lower emissions from cars. A lot of people think it's important to have their own car because they want to be independent. But imagine how much less pollution there would be if people carpooled. If you and one other person who lived near you alternated on who drove to work or school each day, car emissions would be cut in half. And of course, there are many other ways to help reduce our footprint, such as taking public transportation, walking, and biking places.

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