Challenge Accepted Pt. 2 (Delvonne McCullum)

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on the lines of a recycling bin shoot. Having something like a laundry chute except for plastic bottles and cans could be very beneficial. Therefore making it that much more easier for people to recycle in the privacy of their own homes.   

            In regards to reusable resources, we need to be more considerate of the energy that we waste while we're not using it. For instance, I'm going to mention phone chargers. Phone chargers are one of those items that have a tendency to be left in the walls or other electrical power surges while they are not in use. The only time that I unplug my phone charger is when I know I'll need it later, but other than that it's exactly where I last had it plugged in. When these phone/etc chargers are left plugged into outlets there is just that much more energy that we are not using and is going to waste. This problem occurs with  gaming devices as well. I have an XBOX 360 that I rarely play because of school and it just sits in my room plugged in all day. Since taking this course I've began to get better at unplugging any useless devices that I may not be using at those current moments. I'll be checking on the next electric bill to see if it made any huge significant differences, but something tells me that regardless of the outcome, I did a good thing anyway.

            In our class a lot of things were said about situations regarding water and the importance of preserving it. What I'm about to say ties in a bit with what I said earlier about the water bottles. A classmate told her story about another resident on her floor who has a tendency of leaving water running while brushing her teeth. After being confronted about it she did eventually turn off the water while brushing her teeth. Things like that need to be done so that people could understand the importance of preserving the water that we do have. The main problem in our society is that we don't realize how dependent our water is to us because we fill that we have an unlimited supply of it. If we lived in another country where water is hard to come by, I think we would begin to see how important water really is. Something Dr. Mulford suggested to the class dealt with the way we wash our dishes. She suggested that instead of using the dishwasher that we instead wash dishes manually to minimize the water intake. Going along with that, she also suggested that instead of washing dishes with running water that we instead wash dishes by letting them soak in water first. These suggestions are just a small part of what we all can do as a whole. There are many ways to be innovative, we just have to do it.

Since taking this ENG 003 course I've learned to change the little things about my lifestyle that could safe myself some money and the earth. Next time I go home for a visit I do plan to look into getting a recycling bin for my home. This class was very beneficial for me.


Thank You

Delvonne McCullum

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