Challenge Accepted Pt. 1 (Delvonne McCullum)

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            I want to address a serious topic that doesn't get the right amount attention that I believe it deserves. That topic I'm referring to is the importance of recycling and the use of renewable resources. This class (ENG 003) has taught me to be more considerable about some of the unhealthy habits that I know I partake in that could potentially be harmful to the earth and very careless to say the least. I want to persuade to my readers in my blog to educate themselves to be more knowledgeable about this subject as a whole.

            For starters, I would like to discuss the importance of having an reusable

 water bottle. It seems as if nowadays most people on campus have their own reusable

 water bottles for whenever they're on the go . I personally see it as a good thing to

 carry one of these around because not only are you saving yourself money by not

 having to buy water, but you're saving the earth as well. Penn State University is a

 very recycle-friendly campus, but most people outside this campus or other college

 campuses don't have the luxury of having recycling bins accessible to them wherever

 they go. Speaking for myself I know that while I'm home for breaks it seems

 reasonable to throw an empty water bottle into the garbage can simply because I don't

 have access to a recycling bin in my neighborhood. Before coming to this prestige

 university I used to rarely recycle nor did I care. Since being enrolled in 2008 I try to

 recycle any chance I possible have after I use anything that could possibly be

 recycled. I've gone as far as to recycle other people's items if I know they are about

 to throw it in the garbage can. If given the opportunity I would suggest that

 communities who don't already have their own personal recycling bins, to have a

 community recycling bin on each corner of the neighborhood so that people have

 somewhere to place their recyclables instead of throwing it into the garbage can.

 Another alternative would be something

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