Travel with us west of everything, toward a more sustainable future!

We are concerned about the environment and the place of humans in the evolving life cycles of the Earth. We have been learning about the ways that indigenous peoples developed lifeways that were, ecologically speaking, more sustainable and ecologically sound than the lifeways of the settler peoples.  We have also been learning about environmental degradation that continues during our lifetimes.  We are using our class blog to showcase our concern about the environment and the future of all life, including human life, on the Earth.

We now wish to offer our thoughts on some of the most pressing matters we consider worth mentioning to readers inside and outside our class.  We hope our readers will become, as we have, more informed and more passionately concerned about the environmental, social, and conservation issues that we are talking about.

We hope our remarks will be eloquent, passionate, and persuasive, so that our readers will see this as a call to action to improve the Earth, toward a more sustainable future.

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