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We have spent the spring of 2012 taking up fictional, poetic, and non-fictional writings about the American West, Native peoples, and the environment.  It's now time to offer our thoughts on some of the most pressing matters we consider worth mentioning to blog readers in and outside our class.  We have taken up readings about Native peoples, their living circumstances, their histories, their lands, and the environmental degradation taking place in western areas where Native lives take their roots. Our blog will comment on specific topics of interest to us, and we might comment more generally about environmental / social / conservation issues that we feel passionate about.  We hope our remarks will be eloquent, passionate, and persuasive. 

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Building off of Dr. Mulford's post, our course project has put us in contact with a variety of texts and perspectives--many of which are unfamiliar to us. Even if the particular topics we have engaged in class do not spark your personal interests, no doubt our conversations about the questions these authors pose has led you to consider a topic relevant to your life.

Take time to select topics you feel strongly about! The most difficult subjects to write about are the ones that do no interest us; the most difficult texts to read are written by people uninterested in their subject. You don't want to write about it, your reader doesn't want to read it. But if you select a topic you truly are invested in, your writing will be interesting to any audience because your passion will come through. The American West is big place, geographically and conceptually--find your place in it!

Thank you for sharing your thoughts here, Mr. DuBose. Colleagues in 487W, please take heed!

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English 487W Blog: West of Everything
We have spent the spring of 2012 taking up fictional, poetic, and non-fictional writings about the American West, Native…