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Technology is a great resource for a language class.  The language should be taught under a real communicative method, or using real communication in the classroom, because it must be useful for student.  A good resource would be the use of blogs in class, with classmates, with the professor, even with other native-speaker students of the target language.  The ultimate aim of the use of language is the exchange of a message. These can be achieved though cybernetic interaction (blogs, teleconference, etc.) to promote the use of the language in a communicative way and not mechanically.  It would be suitable to have, if possible, video conferences with native speakers of the target language.  It would be another excellent resource to provoke the exchange of messages and expose students to natural and cultural input.  The interlocutors of that cybernetic interaction can be students, or people of companies or agencies.  The video conferences and blogs are two suitable resources to develop several language skills such as: listening, speaking, reading and writing. For that reason, it is necessary that as part of the instruction additional practice is provided outside the classroom.  Course management systems may be used to provide practice activities with which the student can practice and can self-evaluate based on answering correctly and incorrectly.  There are programs that can help a student to develop proper pronunciation in which students pronounce the word and the program tells him/her that it is correct or incorrect. It is very importat to do self evaluation of their performance in real situations. For this purpose will be conveniente to videorecord the scenes. The students can save this in their computer and practice , and practice in order to improve their pronunciation

On the other hand, it is necessary be conscious that technology is only a tool and can’t substituted the interaction of people.  It is necessary for technology to be an addition to teacher and classmate interaction.  Technology can help us to foment different kinds of communication, but the practice and feedback of real interaction it is necessary.  For example, course management systems can promote more practice, but it is very difficult to include the interaction necessary in communication, the real feedback, and the other elements that are part of  communication, such as the meaning of body language, which is part of the pragmatics of the language.The language is learned in a cultural setting for this reason the students do class presentation using and importing video-clips in their Power point presentation.

In conclusion, all of these resources and more may be used to make a class more dynamic and serve to achieve the needs of the students.  Technology can be very helpful to make education more diverse and dynamic.  It is necessary, since not all students learn in the same way, to use of different resources and evaluations, including technology, to achieve the needs of the variety of students who are facing a teacher in each course.  Technology can offer us the opportunity to develop other kinds of communication experiences that are reachable to everyone in every moment.  Technology is part of the real life. In summary the advent of technology has and will continuous revolutionizing the teaching of language but let's no forget that it is an instrument that should be use in conjunction with the instructor




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