Film Fest

Earn up to 3 extra credit points


BiSci 3 Film Fest

On six evenings during this semester we will show six exceptional films that relate to the BiSci 3 course themes. Film Dates, Times, Locations and Titles are below.

1/2 point of extra credit will be awarded to anyone choosing to attend one of these films PLUS an additional 1/2 point for those who complete a written reflection summarizing their response to the film.

Wednesday 2/1/17 8:00 PM 117 Osmond Dirt: The Movie
Tuesday 2/21/17 8:00 PM 119 Osmond Where to Invade Next
Monday 3/13/17 8:00 PM 117 Osmond Before the Flood
Tuesday 4/4/17 8:00 PM 119 Osmond Happy
Monday 4/10/17 8:00 PM 119 Osmond I Am
Monday 4/17/17
8:00 PM 117 Osmond Finding Joe

If you encounter any problems, or have any questions, contact TATA Jeremy (

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