Week 14: Food and Mouths

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This video is about food and mouths. We asked the question "Would you ever
put something in your mouth if you didn't know where it came from?" We got
shocking and startling replies from people eating at the HUB. This
documentary is concluded with words of advice.

Week 12: Questioning Economism as a Lifestyle

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The focus of section 22's blog is questioning economism as a lifestyle. For all of us that put this video together we felt that the very basic parts of economism were the most stressful parts of our lives.

Week 11: Response-Ability

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In summary, this video poses the question, can one person really make a difference? I feel that many believe that they CANNOT make a difference, that they are too small or insignificant when compared to the grand "problems" that our Earth is facing.  But in reality there is a lot you can do to help!  Small things can add up in big ways, and the students involved in this video said they left with overall good feelings and a feeling of empowerment.  The question is, did this action make a difference? How so?  Are there unseen effects beyond the immediate as well?

Week 8: Causes of Earth Breakdown

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Week 7: Assessing the Health of Earth

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We're moving into Part II of the course. Do we listen to Earth? Listening goes beyond the auditory.

Week 6: Bugs!

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Welcome to Week 6 of BiSci! This week we have challenged our conditioned beliefs about insects. Section 34 spent about 15 minutes interacting with the Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches that visited Monday's lecture. The video shows it all....fear, disgust,  and ultimately, the HUGE steps students are taking in order to step outside their conditioned beliefs/attitudes towards bugs. 

The question for this week's reflection is: When was the last time you touched a bug? Describe the experience & reflect on your beliefs about and attitudes towards bugs.

Week 5: Trees

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When asked about our relationships with trees many of us were at a loss. Prior to this week, several of us had never even been asked to contemplate that relationship. We were stumped. Therefore, as section 29 of BiSci3, we would like to extend to you the opportunity to reflect upon your own personal relationship with trees. Through our own reflections and pictures of what we find to be remarkable trees, we created this video to offer as a gift to the BiSci community. What can you share to continue our conversation?

Week 4: Death

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In week 4 of BiSci, we discussed death and common traditions, as well as beliefs surrounding death in the United States.  What are your beliefs about death?  How do you feel about your own eventual death? 

This week's video was created with the help of Cassy Correa and her sections, 5 and 32.  Also, check out the "Nourishment" tab on our blog to view an amazing video that they found!

Week 3: Birth

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In week 3 of BiSci, we discussed alternative options to childbirth.  What are your thoughts and reflections surrounding this new way of thinking?  Would you consider an alternative birthing option? Did your opinions change after lecture today?

Week 2: History of the Universe

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In week two of BiSci we began discussing beliefs on how the universe was created.  Whether your beliefs are influenced by science, religion, or possibly a blending of the two; this entry is geared toward your story about the history of the universe.  What are your beliefs on this topic?

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