The Dangers of Teeth Bleaching

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Achieving a perfect pearly white smile has become an obsession of American people. 63.5% of persons are unhappy with the appearance of their teeth and the color of their teeth is listed as the number reason why they reported the dissatisfaction. Due to this displeasure in their smile appearance, 42.2% of people avoid smiling.

Every year people in United States spend about 2 billion dollars to increase the whiteness of their teeth. Of which, about $280 million is spent on home whitening kits (i.e. Crest white strips, Aquafresh white trays, etc). The American Dental Association (ADA) claim that the number one request of dental patients is to increase the whiteness of their teeth. In addition, the most common type of toothpaste is whitening brands.

Due to this obsession, many people are experiencing moderate sensitivity to extreme pain. About 50% of those surveyed by University of Southern California's School of Dentistry claim that they had moderate sensitivity after having a bleaching treatment. More alarming, 1 in 25 people had extreme severe pain. This pain is described as "pass out on the floor kind of pain." Many fear that bleaching will wear away enamel, but researchers are finding this to be untrue.

To avoid teeth discoloration, people can use these simple techniques that do not involve bleaching chemicals. Brushing and flossing regularly every daily is one prevention mechanism (brushing at least twice a day and flossing at least once). People should avoid drinking beverages such as coffee, tea, and soft drinks which increase teeth staining. If you do so choose to drink these beverages, rinse your mouth with warm water which may decrease the chance of staining. Also, avoid smoking which may turn teeth a gray or slightly yellow color.

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I've tried whitening methods like so many other people out there. It's crazy that the statistics in your blog report that so many people in America have used these products. I think white teeth are obviously something we all want but it's not worth terrible pain.

People are consumed by their appearance so it is good to know the dangers of undergoing a treatment before actually going through with it. I wonder what the cause of the extreme pain is since it is not caused by the wearing away of enamel.

This is something that many teeth bleaching users do not think about. I used the Crest White-strips and actually did experience the sensitivity in my teeth. I had to stop using them.

I was surprised by the high statistics on those individuals that use teeth-whitening products. I think if more people were aware of the risk involved, they would reconsider their decision. I've tried whitening products in the past and did not experience any side effects but did have concerns about my safety. I asked my dentist and he said to only use products like this once a year.

People will go a great distance to make themselves look more attractive. People will endure surgery, diets and pain to whiten teeth just to look better. Is it worth it? I have traveled the world and lived in other countries and I will admit that as a whole, non obese Americans are some of the best looking people out there.

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