Body Images and techonology

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          eatguilty.jpg Body image is a huge topic of conversation today. In a country where a huge amount of the population is overweight, one in 200 women suffer from anorexia. Why are so many people in today's society having issues with how they look? Mass media does not help.

A new form of blogging has emerged. A "thinspo" blog is a blog for people to post "thinsperation." These blogs are very easily found on the social networking site known as tumblr.

Here are a few thinspo blogs:

These blogs feature images of girls who are obviously unhealthily thin.

These blogs feature ideals such as "if I eat, I am a failure" or "nothing tastes as good as thin2.jpgskinny feels." These girls aren't only hurting their bodies, but they are driving themselves crazy. By following these blogs, they are just putting these images and ideas into their minds over and over again until it consumes them.



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