Willard Building Technology Classrooms
Courtesy of the staff of MediaTech Services: Willard Support Unit - Room 252 Willard - 865-2788  

Each technology classroom comes equipped with:

vCeiling mounted LCD projector for large
screen computer/video display


Networked Dell computer


VCR/DVD combination player


Technology Podiums

The computer, DVD/VCR player, remote controls, and accessory cables are secured in a technology podium located in the front of the classroom. (Contact the staff at MediaTech Services for the combination lock number).




In the past ten years 39 technology classrooms have been installed in the Willard Building.

During this time of expansion, there have been many changes and upgrades in equipment, installation techniques, and supply vendors.

As a result, there are slight variations in the general layout and equipment packages featured in some of the rooms.

However, the same basic procedure for setting up the 2 key components - LCD projectors and multi media switchers –that make large-screen computer/video display simple and easy  apply to all technology classrooms.

Regardless of what you find when you first open the podium doors, there will always be a combined total of 4 buttons that you have to press on the projector remote and switcher panel to get your technology-enhanced class up and running.


1) Projector Power  
2) Projector Input   
3) Switcher Input    
4) Audio Control     


Detailed Operating Guides

Click here for more detailed information about how to gets things started in your Willard Building Technology Classroom.



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