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About Me

Thanks for visiting!  My name is Craig McCabe and Iím a graduate student in Geography at The Pennsylvania State University, graduating this Summer 2009.  I have recently completed my Masterís Thesis in Geography, Effects of Data Complexity and Map Abstraction on the Perception of Patterns in Infectious Disease Animations.  You can find the PDF on my thesis page.  My research interests are in GIScience, geovisualization, and dynamic cartographyóspecifically, animated maps.  I am currently living in State College, PA and making plans to re-enter the job market after completing some research with the Penn State Geographic Visualization Science, Technology, and Applications (GeoVISTA) Center, where Iíve been a research assistant for the last 2 years.

My previous employment and list of publications can be found on my CV page.  Since graduating with a BS in Geology from Oregon State University in 1996, Iíve made a steady transition towards geography, GIS, and visualization.  I credit my time at the U.S. Geological survey for motivating me to return to graduate school, and my advisor Dr. Alan M. MacEachren for his guidance and encouragement along the way.

Feel free to look aroundóIíll be adding additional content to this site in the days ahead!






About Me | Research & Coursework | Thesis | Curriculum Vitae | Contact Me